Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Insurance Claim Forms & Hundred Bills on Table

How to Deal With a Roof Insurance Claim

Help with roof insurance claims in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas is only a call away at (913) 721-7676. Herntro Roofing Co. LLC helps when it comes to making an insurance claim for a residential roof repair or replacement. Dealing with an insurance request for payment can be stressful; however, it does not have to be! Once you have discovered the roof damage, call us out to do an inspection. We will find out how much damage you are dealing with. Then call your insurance company. Many insurance companies want at least three quotes before they will begin funding repairs. Then they send an insurance adjuster by the home to look it over. Once this is done, the insurance company will tell you how much they will pay for the damage to be repaired.

Types of Claim Damages

Some contractors will not deal with insurance companies but Herntro Roofing Co. LLC will. If you have a roof storm damage claim and need help with dealing with insurance and repairs, call us. We will help and guide you through each step. How much your insurance will pay for roof damage will depend on your insurance policy and how the roof was damaged. So your first call, once you notice the roof damage, should be to have a roof inspection done. Then, call your insurance company and file your claim for damages to your roof from a storm, a tree limb, fire, hail, or whatever caused the damage. Types of damages include:

  • Loose torn shingles.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Damaged shingles from hail that have small holes.
  • Holes in the roof from a tree limb or the whole tree falling including gutters.
  • Leaking roof when it rains or in spring snowmelt.
  • Melted shingles from a fire.

Contact Us For Help

Those are the major types of damage to a roof that an insurance policy will pay for. We know how to talk to adjusters to make sure they understand exactly how much damage there is, including damage they may not see. We will show them what we found during our inspection and how deep the damage goes. Remember if you need help with a roof insurance claims in Kansas City, MO call Herntro Roofing Co. LLC today at (913) 721-7676!