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Protect Your Gutters

Does your home need roof gutter installation in Kansas City, MO or repair? Herntro Roofing Co. LLC provides gutter installation and repair to Kansas City and the surrounding areas. We know how to do a gutter installation without harming your roof or siding. The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to direct water away from your roof and away from your home’s foundation. This protects the investment you made in your home. If rainwater and snowmelt are not directed away from the house foundation by gutters and downspouts it could cause cracks and heaves in the foundation which lead to structural problems in the rest of the house. You should keep your gutters clean and have them inspected every year. The sooner you find damage and repair or replace the gutter the longer the gutter system will last. Give us a call at (913) 721-7676 for more information.

Roof Gutter Repair

You may need gutter repair if you have had a tree limb come down on your gutters. There may be storm damage to the gutters such as heavy wind or hail causing the gutter to leak. It could also be smaller debris that has caused it to leak. During the fall, leaves could cause leaking from clogging up the gutter. You should always have a debris and leaf screen on your gutters. This helps ensure that your gutters remain flowing and are not damaged.

Roof Gutter Install & Replacement

Gutter replacement can be one piece or the entire house. It depends on the reason for the replacement. Maybe your gutters are at the end of their lifespan; this is normally about 20 years. The gutters may have rust on them. Even if they are not leaking yet, they will, and they should be replaced as soon as possible. Installing new gutters can present some choices in the material the gutters are made from. We can help you by answering any questions you have on gutters, the type, and their lifespan. Rely on us for your gutter installation in Kansas City, MO. Gutters come in several materials and styles:

  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Seamless
  • And More!

Depending on your location and local weather, you may not be able to use gutters made of certain materials. Your gutter should hold up to your weather such as extreme cold or heat, high winds or heavy rains, and even light hail. Having good gutters can help protect the value of your home especially for the future sale of the home. Buyers who notice that there is no gutter will be less likely to buy because they are afraid that there may be damage to the home and its foundation due to no gutters.

Close Up of a House's Gutters

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If you need gutter installation, repair, or replacement, call us at (913) 721-7676! We know how to install, repair, or replace your gutters properly without damage to your roof or siding. You will not have any gutter leaks after a repair or an installation by Herntro Roofing Co. LLC. Rely on us for your gutter installation in Kansas City, MO.